Generation 18 by Keri Arthur

Generation 18

Keri Arthur
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  • ISBN
    9780749909123 / 0749909129
  • Title Generation 18
  • Author Keri Arthur
  • Category Fantasy
  • Format
  • Year 2009
  • Pages 320
  • Publisher
    Little, Brown Book Group
  • Imprint Piatkus Books
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 107mm x 177mm x 20mm


A serial killer striking every twelve hours; a Kite monster murdering at random - welcome to the world of the 'Spook Squad'...

Publisher Description

Though neither event seems related, Agents Sam Ryan and Gabriel Stern quickly discover a link between the two - the military base known as Hopeworth. But are the serial killings a military cover-up that has gone dangerously wrong, or is there a deeper, more personal reason behind the murders of the red-headed adoptees? As the investigation continues, Sam discovers a connection between herself and the murder victims - a connection that implies a link to Hopeworth itself. With the killings escalating and the danger drawing closer to home, Sam not only has to battle to bring a killer to justice, but also has to save Gabriel's life. And the one person who seems to hold the key to what is going on, as well as what has happened in Sam's past, is the mysterious man who saved her life. But does she dare believe his words or the dreams she seems to share with him? Because this mystery man may not be just her enemy, but the enemy of humankind itself.

Author Biography

Keri Arthur is an award-winning author of thrilling paranormal romances. She's a dessert and function cook by trade, and married to a wonderful man who not only supports her writing, but who also does the majority of the housework. They have one daughter, and live in Melbourne.

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Generation 18