Endgame by Kristine Smith


Kristine Smith
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  • ISBN
    9780060503598 / 0060503599
  • Title Endgame
  • Author Kristine Smith
  • Category Science Fiction
  • Format
    Mass Market Paperback
  • Year 2007
  • Pages 404
  • Publisher
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 121mm x 28mm x 174mm


Award winner Smith delivers the explosive finale to her acclaimed Jani Kilian series—full of intrigue, military adventure, and first contact. Original.

Publisher Description

Ever since contact was first made between humans and the alien “idomeni,” tensions between the two races have been frequent and bloody. As the first genetically altered human-“idomeni” hybrid, former Captain Jani Kilian serves as a lightning rod for the anger, outrage, and hatreds of both sides. And now the ex-soldier finds herself in the unwanted role of diplomat—serving the interests of her hybrid enclave, Thalassa, the only place in the universe that welcomes renegade humans, hybrids, and aliens alike.

But the all-powerful Commonwealth intends to bring Thalassa to its knees, and the time for diplomacy is at an end. With death surrounding her, Jani Kilian must return to where her nightmare began and once again take on her most powerful persona: “warrior.” For as the game approaches its inevitable conclusion, she knows only two options remain: victory . . . or extermination.

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