Stieg Larsson, My Friend by Kurdo Baksi

Stieg Larsson, My Friend

Kurdo Baksi
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  • ISBN
    9780857050212 / 0857050214
  • Title Stieg Larsson, My Friend
  • Author Kurdo Baksi
  • Category Biography: Literary
  • Format
  • Year 2010
  • Pages 224
  • Publisher
    Quercus Publishing Plc
  • Imprint MacLehose Press
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 223mm x 146mm


An intimate memoir of Stieg Larsson - author of the phenomenally successful Millennium Trilogy, untiring crusader for democracy and equality - who died at the age of fifty in 2004.

Publisher Description

the few who appears in the triolgy as himself)? Who was Lisbeth Salander?

'So who was the real Larsson, and what would he have made of his success? His friend, the journalist and fellow activist Kurdo Baksi, goes some way to answering both in this short but powerful memoir. For Larsson geeks such as myself, the unearthed details of his past and the fond recollections of his ceaseless pursuit of justice are gripping ... [A] moving, well-paced and honest account of Larsson's life' Rosie Swash, Observer.

Author Biography

Kurdo Baksi was born in 1965 in northern Kurdistan, and in 1980 came to settle in Sweden. In 1987 he first published the magazine Rash U Spi ('Black and White'), which deals with racial issues across Europe. He is the author of ten books on human rights, racism, emigration and exile, and in 2000 he was awarded the Olaf Palme Peace Prize. Laurie Thompson is the distinguished translator of the novels of Henning Mankell, Hakan Nesser and Ake Edwardson. He was editor of Swedish Book Review (1983-2002).

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Stieg Larsson, My Friend