Spiral, Volume 8: The Bonds of Reasoning by Kyo Shirodaira

Spiral, Volume 8: The Bonds of Reasoning

Kyo Shirodaira
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  • ISBN
    9780759529151 / 0759529159
  • Title Spiral, Volume 8: The Bonds of Reasoning
  • Author Kyo Shirodaira
  • Category Graphic Novels
  • Format
  • Year 2009
  • Pages 192
  • Publisher
    Yen Press
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 126mm x 15mm x 193mm


A high school murder mystery with a popular animated series based on the manga.

Publisher Description

Despite thorough planning and preparation, the offensive against Kanon is not going well. Bruised and broken, Rio, Ryouko, and Kousuke are no closer to reaching Kanon than when they started. But Ayumu's trusty information-gathering sidekick is ready and willing to help out. Now they know where Kanon is holding the hapless Ayumu hostage, but they're still in no shape attack. Thankfully, Rio managed to nick Kanon with an anesthetic bullet in their last assault, so he too is taking time to recover. Now everyone's attention is on the mysterious representative of the “Watchers” who has arrived to hear Kanon's demands...

Author Biography

Kyo Shirodaira achieved wide acclaim for scripting the manga "Spiral~Suiri no Kizuna" (Spiral~The Tie of Inference). Shirodaira's debut novel “Meitantei ni Hana wo” (Rose and Detective) was nominated for the 8th Annual Ayukawa Tetsuya Award in 1997.

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Spiral, Volume 8: The Bonds of Reasoning