Blossoms and Shadows by Lian Hearn

Blossoms and Shadows

Lian Hearn
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  • ISBN
    9780733629006 / 0733629008
  • Title Blossoms and Shadows
  • Author Lian Hearn
  • Category Historical Fiction
  • Format
  • Year 2011
  • Pages 480
  • Publisher
    Hachette Australia
  • Imprint Hachette Australia
  • Dimensions 130mm x 199mm x 34mm


From the author of the phenomenal and bestselling TALES OF THE OTORI series comes a stand-alone historical novel set in 19th century Japan.

Publisher Description

This is the story of the birth of modern Japan, told by Tsuru, a young woman who breaks every stereotype of the Japanese lady. We meet her on the day of her sister's wedding, and soon realise that she will not accept the same domestic role that her sister is about to take on. Instead, Tsuru is ready to embrace the new world, defend her beliefs, look for love, and follow her career as a doctor working alongside her husband on the battlefields. In the mid 1860s Japan was in the grip of a revolution almost as tumultuous as the French Revolution 100 years earlier, yet we in the West know very little about it. This book lets readers feel they are there among the revolutionaries, guided by the engaging character of Tsuru. By the end of the first chapter readers will feel they know her, and want to fight with her as she battles against the conventions of the day and falls into a forbidden love.

'The strength of Hearn's passion for all facets of the Land of the Rising Sun shines through in her descriptions of the social customs and her honourable warrior characters.' - The Sunday Telegraph 'All the tension and emotion of the birth of modern Japan make this a total immersion indulgence.' - 'Best Reads Under the Sun', Mindfood 'One of the story's greatest strengths lies in its imagery and attention to detail. Lian Hearn manages to capture this small piece of post-feudal Japan perfectly.' - Australian Bookseller & Publisher Magazine

Author Biography

Lian Hearn (Author) Lian Hearn's beloved Tales of the Otori series, set in an imagined feudal Japan, has sold more than four million copies worldwide and has been translated into nearly forty languages. It is comprised of five volumes: ACROSS THE NIGHTINGALE FLOOR, GRASS FOR HIS PILLOW, BRILLIANCE OF THE MOON, THE HARSH CRY OF THE HERON and HEAVEN'S NET IS WIDE. The series was followed by two standalone novels, BLOSSOMS AND SHADOWS and THE STORYTELLER AND HIS THREE DAUGHTERS, also set in Japan. EMPEROR OF THE EIGHT ISLANDS is Books 1 and 2 in The Tale of Shikanoko and is followed by LORD OF THE DARKWOOD (Books 3 and 4). Lian has made many trips to Japan and has studied Japanese. She read Modern Languages at Oxford and worked as an editor and film critic in England before emigrating to Australia. For the latest news from Lian, visit, follow Lian on Twitter @LianHearn, or join the readers who have become Lian's friend on Facebook. Lian Hearn (Author) Lian Hearn has sold in excess of four million copies of her Tales of the Otori around the world. She lives in Australia with her husband.

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Blossoms and Shadows