Shadows in Scarlet by Lillian Stewart Carl

Shadows in Scarlet

Lillian Stewart Carl
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  • ISBN
    9780809556618 / 0809556618
  • Title Shadows in Scarlet
  • Author Lillian Stewart Carl
  • Category Crime & Mystery

  • Format
  • Year 2006
  • Pages 308
  • Publisher
    Wildside Press
  • Imprint Wildside Press
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 140mm x 18mm x 216mm


Amanda Witham's new job at an eighteenth-century manor in Colonial Williamsburg is a career move in the history business, nothing personal. Then archaeologists find a skeleton buried behind the house. That night James Grant's ghost introduces himself to her. And a handsome and charming ghost he is, in the tartan kilt and scarlet coat of King George's Highland Regiment. Suddenly Amanda finds history to be very personal indeed. She promises James she'll reveal the truth about his death-just as soon as she figures out what the truth is. But by the time she arrives at James's ancestral castle in Scotland, his past has caught up with her present, and Amanda's future is held at sword's point. There's more than one glint of scarlet in the shadows of the past-and in the shadows of the heart as well.

Author Biography

Carl was born and raised in the American midwest. She loves mountain landscapes, rocky shores, and exotic cultures. She has been a librarian, newspaper columnist, and a college history teacher.

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Shadows in Scarlet