Chasing Rachel (BookStrand Publishing Romance) by Lindsay Townsend

Chasing Rachel (BookStrand Publishing Romance)

Lindsay Townsend
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BookStrand Contemporary Romance] An urgent call brings Rachel Falconer, naturalist and TV presenter, from her Yorkshire home to manage Kestrel House, her father Paul's botanical research institute on Dartmoor. There she meets Michael, her old rival at grammar school and now a respected archaeologist; the hostile Daniel, once her colleague and lover; the truculent forester, Colin; and Leo, computer wizard and Don Juan. As Rachel puts Kestrel House back on its feet, and she and Michael begin a new, adult, loving relationship, her past returns to haunt her. One phone call, made several years before in Brazil, has set off a devastating chain of events. On Dartmoor an unknown enemy is closing in—someone who knows her secrets, a bitter adversary skilled in deceit and armed with an intimate knowledge of fire. ** A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

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Chasing Rachel (BookStrand Publishing Romance)