Shortcuts for Smart Managers by Lisa Davis

Shortcuts for Smart Managers

Lisa Davis
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  • ISBN
    9780814404324 / 0814404324
  • Title Shortcuts for Smart Managers
  • Author Lisa Davis
  • Category Management & Management Techniques
  • Format
  • Year 1998
  • Pages 384
  • Publisher
    AMACOM/American Management Association
  • Imprint Amacom
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 164mm x 35mm x 238mm


For managers one the run, out of time, out of information, or just out of patience, SHORTCUTS FOR SMART MANAGERS provides solutions to—and preventive cures for—many typical challenges. Capsulized chapters help time-pressed managers with 30 key issues, such as conference planning, decision making, meetings, goal setting, public relations, negotiation, crisis management, and much more.

Publisher Description

Maria has to present her first budget in less than a month, but she works from 8 to 6 as it is. Pat has to conduct a performance appraisal — of a very difficult employee. Don has to put together a “quality” report for his area (something he hasn't done for years). Where can they all turn?

For managers who are out of time, out of information, or just out of patience, “Shortcuts for Smart Managers” provides solutions to and preventive cures for many typical challenges. This concise managerial toolbox provides only the essential, how-to information, including worksheets, checklists, and action plans for 30 key issues managers face. These interactive, capsulized chapters helps time-pressed managers with subjects such as:
— conference planning
— decision making
— meetings
— goal setting
— communication
— project planning
— the Internet
— negotiation
— presentations
— marketing
— public relations
— strategic planning
— teams
— training
— delegating
— crisis management
— and more

Author Biography

LISA DAVIS (Wallsend, U.K.) is an international management consultant, training designer, and training materials developer. Her clients include Bristol-Myers Squibb, BMW, Ford, and Mitsubishi.

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Shortcuts for Smart Managers