Journey to Purpose by Lisa Fikes

Journey to Purpose

Lisa Fikes
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  • ISBN
    9781414114699 / 1414114699
  • Title Journey to Purpose
  • Author Lisa Fikes
  • Category Christian Leaders & Leadership
  • Format
  • Year 2010
  • Pages 156
  • Publisher
    Pleasant Word
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 229mm x 9mm x 152mm

Publisher Description

Did you think that after accepting Christ, life would be wonderful? Did you think the people in church would be there for you, become your best friends, and operate as your closest allies as you started to grow in your new-found faith? Did you seek after God in order to discover your purpose? Lisa Fikes thought the first church she attended would be a place of refuge. She thought that, but she was wrong. Although her initiation into faith was genuine, the people in the church where she found herself were not. As a babe in Christ, she was taught unethical, inappropriate doctrine and found herself being manipulated by corrupt leadership. All this culminated in her having a nervous breakdown, losing her livelihood, and almost losing her mind. Her view of organized religion was warped and her conception of a loving God was almost destroyed. Thankfully, Lisa's experience isn't perpetrated by every church, but unfortunately, wolves in sheep's clothing are out there masquerading as God's agents. Journey to Purpose is the author's loving attempt to reveal the dangers new believers could possibly face. More than that, readers will discover that even if people try to trip up God's anointed ones, our loving Heavenly Father can still reveal His plan and purpose for a believer's life. Join Lisa as she discovers: God is real, true, and in control despite your present chaos Slothful church leadership will be held accountable by God Parrot preachers and teachers can harm an innocent child's spirit Emotional wounds cause you to seek God With God, all things are possible

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Journey to Purpose