The Power of a Learning Culture by Lonnie Hudspeth

The Power of a Learning Culture

Lonnie Hudspeth
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  • ISBN
    9783838318110 / 3838318110
  • Title The Power of a Learning Culture
  • Author Lonnie Hudspeth
  • Category Management & Management Techniques
  • Format
  • Year 2009
  • Pages 140
  • Publisher
    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 152mm x 8mm x 229mm


To survive and thrive in an increasingly turbulent global competitive environment, theoretical literature suggests that U.S. manufacturers must acquire and maintain three strategic capabilities: the ability to quickly learn what the customers want; the ability to deliver responsive products and services satisfying customer wants and customized to customer specifications; and the ability to satisfy customer wants profitably and in ways that customers perceive as more valuable than the available competing alternatives. This confirmatory research used structural equation modeling to test five hypotheses concerning four main constructs: 'organizational learning culture', 'strategic responsiveness capability', 'mass customization capability', and 'value to customer performance'. This research suggests that an organizational learning culture enables the strategic responsiveness and mass customization capabilities that are necessary for achieving sustained value to customer performance.

Author Biography

Dr. Lonnie Hudspeth serves as Director of Student Learning Outcomes Assessment and Assistant Professor of Management and Marketing at the University of the Virgin Islands. Dr. Hudspeth leads the University's planning and implementation of student learning outcomes assessment and teaches several courses in the management and marketing.

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The Power of a Learning Culture