Narragansett 1937 by Louis Phillips

Narragansett 1937

Louis Phillips
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THE LAST OF THE MARX BROTHERS' WRITERS "Here is a piece of theater you absolutely must not miss,,,. This fine, touching, inventive, and gorgeously zany play.... -Jonathan Saville. Weekly Reader. (San Diego, Ca.) THE ENVOI MESSAGES “If you have any feeling for true drama, ”The Envoi Messages“ will excite and entice you...” -Bob Dixon. The Daily Reporter. (Greenfield, Indiana) THE BALLROOM IN ST. PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL “It is a naturalistic play, whose setting and details of character and dialogue could not be more specific and lifelike. Yet the variety of moods and feelings working their way out is such as to give it a glittering intensity that passes realism. It is astonishingly textured...” -Richard Eder. The New York Times. BOOKS BY LOUIS PHILLIPS AVAILABLE FROM WORLD AUDIENCE The Audience Book of Theater Quotations, American Elegies, The Kilroy Sonata, The Death of the Siamese Twins & other plays, Gertrude Stein in Dayton & other plays, Dr. Jazz, Late Night in the Rain Forest

Author Biography

Louis Phillips has published more than 35 books for children and adults. Among his works are two collections of short stories A Dream of Countries Where No One Dare Live (SMU Press) and The Bus to the Moon (Fort Schuyler Press); Hot Corner, a collection of his baseball writings, and R. I. P. (a sequence of poems about Rip Van Winkle) from Livingston Press; The Envoi Messages, a full-length play (Broadway Play Publishers). His books for children include The Man Who Stole the Atlantic Ocean (Prentice Hall & Camelot Books), The Million Dollar Potato (Simon and Schuster), and How to Wrestle an All

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Narragansett 1937