Inside Today’s Home by Luann Nissen

Inside Today’s Home

Luann Nissen
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Describes major elements that make a home expressive of personal tastes and life-styles and encourages creativity in using color, materials, and designs.

Publisher Description

An enriching and informative introduction to residential interior design. More than 750 illustrations of contemporary and classic design present a variety of projects, geographic areas, tastes, styles and housing forms. This text also prepares students for the interior design profession by discussing qualifications, licensing, ethics and career options. Features: * Focuses on 19th and 20th century developments in the field. * Applies elements and principles of design to interiors. * Explains how to design interior living spaces to suit the individual needs of occupants, participants and users. New to this edition: * Integrates new case studies - real-life examples of how professionals solve design problems. * Acquaints students with important historical developments in the profession. * Discusses recent environmental design issues. * Applies information on sensory perception, ordering systems and spatial illusion to a revised discussion of space. * Defines technical and mechanical functions used in interior design.

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Inside Today’s Home