Hidden Warrior by Lynn Flewelling

Hidden Warrior

Lynn Flewelling
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  • ISBN
    9780007113101 / 0007113102
  • Title Hidden Warrior
  • Author Lynn Flewelling
  • Category Science Fiction
  • Format
  • Year 2003
  • Pages 576
  • Publisher
    HarperCollins Publishers
  • Imprint Voyager
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 111mm x 178mm x 36mm


The second volume of The Tamir Triad, a fantasy trilogy of necromancy and bone-chilling magic from the US author of the Nightrunner series.

Publisher Description

New epic fantasy trilogy from the US author of THE NIGHTRUNNER series Long ago, during the dark days of the Great War with Pleinmar, King Thelatimos journeyed to the Oracle of the God Illior at Afra to save his warn-torn kingdom. Here he was presented with a prophecy 'So long as a daughter of Thelatimos' line defends and rules, Skala shall never be subjugated.' And that is how the line of queens ruling over Skala was established...However, as generations went by the male heirs to the throne became intensely resentful of the prophecy that emasculated their claim to power. Finally Queen Agnalain took the throne and the people of Skala suffered under her erratic and selfish command. Prompted by the people's outcry over this mad queen, her son Prince Erius claimed primogeniture, and seized the throne. Erius's ascent may have pleased the people of Skala, but a faction of the population, one who had not forgotten the prophecy, were worried. Plague, drought and famine spread throughout the kingdom weakening it's defences and offering easy pickings to Skala's old enemy and neighbour, Plenimar.
As people start to recall the Oracle's prophecy, Erius begins to quietly kill of his female relatives who pose the only threat to his monarchy. and Iya has sinister plans for the babes...As the only living child of Erius's dead sister, Prince Tobin is second in line to the Throne of Skala, but he is not what he seems. To protect him from the paranoid assasinations ordered by his uncle, the wizard Iya gave Tobin the appearence of his murdered twin brother at birth. But now, with the onset of puberty, Tobin has discovered his true identity — SHE is the rightful heir to the throne.

A fantasy that does not flinch from its premise all the way to a satisfying conclusion. The story pulled me under and carried me off with it' Robin Hobb 'It got its hooks into me on the first page and didn't let loose until the last' George R R Martin 'Original, well-written and totally absorbing ... a moving and thoroughly recommended read' Starburst

Author Biography

Lynn Flewelling was born in Presque Isle, Maine, in 1958. She received her BS from University of Maine, 1981 and went on to study on a Veterinary Med. Program. She has had a variety of jobs including, house painter, sales clerk, teacher, and copy writer. Among her favourite writers and influences are: Tom Stoppard, Mary Renault, Umberto Eco, Stephen King, Peter Straub, Ray Bradbury, and Anne Rice. Lynn Flewelling currently lives in western New York, with her husband Doug, their two sons, and creatures that shed too much.

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Hidden Warrior