What’s Happening to Our Girls? by Maggie Hamilton

What’s Happening to Our Girls?

Maggie Hamilton
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Takes a look inside the lives of teenage girls and comes up with some startling facts. This book argues for parents to take a more active role in ensuring their girls get to think and behave like children for a longer period of time.

Author Biography

Author and publisher Maggie Hamilton is passionate about life, ideas, creativity and ancient wisdom. In her spare time she loves to retreat to deserts, cathedrals, temples and other sacred places. It is the insights she has gained there that she shares in A Soft Place to Land. Maggie is a regular meda commentator and keen observer of social trends. Her books have been published in Italy, Holland, Brazil and Saudi Arabia, and include Coming Home: Rediscovering Our Sacred Selves; Love Your Work, Reclaim Your Life; Magic of the Moment; A Soft Place to Land, What Men Don't Talk About and What's Happening to Our Girls?

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What’s Happening to Our Girls?