Bringing Reading Research to Life by Margaret G. McKeown

Bringing Reading Research to Life

Margaret G. McKeown
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Brings together some of the world's foremost literacy scholars to discuss how research influences what teachers actually do in the classroom.

Publisher Description

This book brings together some of the world's foremost literacy scholars to discuss how research influences what teachers actually do in the classroom.

“An outstanding volume that exemplifies the wedding of theory, research, and practice. Read it not only to learn, but also to be inspired.” - P. David Pearson, Professor and Dean, Graduate School of Education, University of California, Berkeley, USA “One need only peruse the contributor names and chapter topics to be drawn into this wonderful volume. Researchers, practitioners, teacher educators, and graduate students alike will learn from and enjoy the information within. The research presented here has enriched our understanding of how reading instruction can support development for children from diverse backgrounds. The book points the way toward overcoming areas of past dissension and working toward consensus in the future.” - Kathleen J. Brown, Director, University of Utah Reading Clinic, USA “This volume has the conceptual richness of the field's best handbooks, but it is written in a uniquely personal style. The contributors are united by their stature as leading researchers in the areas of beginning reading, vocabulary, and comprehension instruction. Bringing Reading Research to Life would make an ideal text for a doctoral seminar addressing historical or contemporary perspectives on reading research. It is fitting that a volume honoring Isabel Beck would be this dynamic, thoughtful, and useful.” - Annemarie Sullivan Palincsar, Jean and Charles Walgreen Jr. Chair of Reading and Literacy; Arthur F. Thurnau Professor; and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, School of Education, University of Michigan, USA “The volume features an impressive range of topics, from decoding to determining word meanings to questioning the author. Noted contributors explore much that is central to our current understanding of reading and demonstrate the vitality and importance of scholarly work in the field.” - Peter P. Afflerbach, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Maryland, USA “Vocabulary is the bedrock supporting academic language proficiency. Without any doubt, speech-language pathologists recognize the critical importance of vocabulary learning for children and adolescents struggling with language and literacy learning. The challenge is how we can better support genuine vocabulary learning so that struggling students will be better positioned to meet the new reading and writing standards. This book offers speech-language pathologists a strong conceptual framework and evidence-based strategies for achieving the goal of functional vocabulary learning. The rich and detailed strategies are presented in a highly readable way. This accessibility allows the creative speech-language clinician to find many ideas that can easily be adapted into meaningful strategies for boosting the authentic word knowledge that most students with language learning disabilities urgently need for attaining academic language proficiency.” - Elaine R. Silliman, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, University of South Florida, USA “This little book is a gem. It shows how teachers can teach word meanings so powerfully that students of all ages will be able to grasp an author's meaning or communicate their own more effectively. The book offers a well-organized and first-rate plan for teaching vocabulary, presented by a team of researchers with a genuine grasp of the practical.” - Timothy Shanahan, Center for Literacy, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA “This book succinctly addresses the challenges of teaching and developing vocabulary, providing research-based, clearly spelled-out strategies and many, many rich examples. It gives teachers the tools they need to effectively increase students' vocabularies. Reflecting the authors' own expertise with words, the book is written clearly enough for undergraduates, yet has a level of depth that will lend new insights to even the most advanced student of language and literacy. This book should be required reading in teacher and reading specialist preparation programs and should be used in in-service programs with reading, language arts, and English teachers as well as with content area teachers. If the strategies and suggestions offered in this book were widely and intensely implemented, we would see significant increases in students' verbal abilities and reading comprehension scores.” - John J. Pikulski, School of Education, University of Delaware, USA “Bringing Words to Life lives up to its title. It made me want to gather a group of kids immediately, so I could start putting these sensible, practical, novel, and intriguing ideas about building vocabulary into practice. Beck, McKeown, and Kucan show how much fun learning words and teaching words can be. Every early childhood and elementary teacher should have this book on their bedside table for inspirational reading.” - Catherine E. Snow, Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, USA "All educators who are lovers of the English language will thoroughly enjoy and reap the benefits of this articulate book. The authors present a brilliant rationale for delivering lively and direct vocabulary instruction. They offer excellent advice on how to select rich words, present them to students, and help them revel in their usefulness!" - MaryAnne Rossbach, sixth-grade teacher, Sunrise Valley Elementary School, Reston, USA

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Edited by Margaret G. McKeown, PhD, and Linda Kucan, PhD: both at School of Education, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

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Bringing Reading Research to Life