Oranges and Sunshine by Margaret Humphreys

Oranges and Sunshine

Margaret Humphreys
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  • ISBN
    9780552163354 / 055216335X
  • Title Oranges and Sunshine
  • Author Margaret Humphreys
  • Category Social & Cultural History
    Child Welfare
  • Format
  • Year 2011
  • Pages 384
  • Publisher
    Transworld Publishers Ltd
  • Imprint Corgi Books
  • Edition
    Film Tie-In
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 129mm x 198mm x 28mm


In 1986 Margaret Humphreys, a Nottingham social worker, investigated a woman's claim that, aged four, she had been put on a boat to Australia by the British government. At first incredulous, Margaret discovered that this was just the tip of an enormous iceberg. This title reveals how she unravelled this shocking secret.

Publisher Description

their families in Britain, by founding the Child Migrants Trust.

“It is a story that defies belief.” Independent "The secrets of the lost children of Britain may never have been revealed if it had not been for [the actions of] Margaret Humphreys.“ Sunday Times ”A modern Florence Nightingale.“ Sydney Morning Herald ”A truly astonishing, haunting, real-life detective story." She (Australia) “Brought tears to my eyes. It is impossible to read...without thinking ”These could be my parents. These could be my children.“...Despite the sadness and anger at its centre, hope remains the principle message of this remarkable book.” — Terry Waite The Times

Author Biography

Margaret Humphreys is the Director and founder of the Child Migrants Trust, supported by Nottinghamshire County Council. For her services on behalf of the child migrants, she was awarded the Order of Australia - one of only a few Britons ever to have been so honoured, and she was appointed CBE in the 2011 New Year Honours list . She lives in Nottingham with her husband and two children.

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Oranges and Sunshine