Nonverbal Communication in Human Interaction by Mark L. Knapp

Nonverbal Communication in Human Interaction

Mark L. Knapp and Judith A. Hall
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  • ISBN
    9780495568698 / 0495568694
  • Title Nonverbal Communication in Human Interaction
  • Author Mark L. Knapp and Judith A. Hall
  • Category Communication Studies
  • Format
  • Year 2009
  • Pages 496
  • Publisher
    Wadsworth Publishing Company
  • Imprint Wadsworth Publishing Co Inc
  • Edition
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 188mm x 23mm x 231mm


An introductory text designed for courses on Nonverbal Communication.

Publisher Description

The most comprehensive, most readable compendium of research and theory on nonverbal communication available, NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION IN HUMAN INTERACTION uses the cross-disciplinary approaches of speech and social psychology to focus on how nonverbal communication research affects a wide variety of academic interests.

Author Biography

Mark L. Knapp (Ph.D., Penn State University, 1966) is the Jesse H. Jones Centennial Professor Emeritus in Communication and Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus at the University of Texas at Austin. Three of his books are: “Nonverbal Communication in Human Interaction” (with J. A. Hall); “Interpersonal Communication and Human Relationships ”(with A. L. Vangelisti); and “Lying and Deception in Human Interaction. ”He is past president of the International Communication Association and the National Communication Association, a Fellow of the International Communication Association, and a Dist

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Nonverbal Communication in Human Interaction