Black Silver, Red Gold: The Dark Forest by Mark Stevens

Black Silver, Red Gold: The Dark Forest

Mark Stevens
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Black Silver, Red Gold: The Dark Forest is set in medieval times in a parallel universe in which canines, foxes and wolves, evolved as the dominant life form on the planet rather than we humans. It's about a young vixen named Kian and a young dogfox named Tarric, who meet, in of all places, an outlaw band. Kian, a tough, hard-nosed woodsvixen born and bred in the Dark Forest, is suspicious and contemptuous of the young male, whom she considers a dandy from the big city. Tarric is indeed very much a city fox, from the streets of Brockton, the captal city. He is also very cultured and polite, with a cheerful smile and an infectious personality that threatens to win ovr Kian's heart. There is, however, a cloud on this otherwise dazzling horizon. Kildirk Drakken, the leader of the outlaw band, also has eyes for Kian, and unlike Tarric, is willng to stop at nothing to get his way. Even if it means murder.

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Black Silver, Red Gold: The Dark Forest