Your Marketing Sucks. by Mark Stevens

Your Marketing Sucks.

Mark Stevens
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  • ISBN
    9781400081691 / 1400081696
  • Title Your Marketing Sucks.
  • Author Mark Stevens
  • Category Sales & Marketing
  • Format
  • Year 2005
  • Pages 239
  • Publisher
    Three Rivers Press (CA)
  • Imprint Three Rivers Press
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 143mm x 14mm x 201mm


  • Stop throwing thousand-dollar bills out the window and camouflaging spending as marketing—demand that the money spent on marketing bring in more money in return.
  • Cut through the myths that claim marketing is about advertising, public relations, or direct mail—learn that it is about growing the revenue, profit, and valuation of the business.
  • Fire your advertising agency if it even thinks about applying for a Clio or other creative award.
  • Implement the marketing moratorium—stop all marketing until you know how each component of your program justifies itself in dollars and cents.

Author Biography

Mark Stevens is one of the world's leading experts in ROI-based marketing and the creator of the Extreme Marketing process. He is also the author of The Big Eight and Sudden Death.

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Your Marketing Sucks.