Valor Unsung by Mark "sande" Sanderson

Valor Unsung

Mark "sande" Sanderson
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  • ISBN
    9781608361731 / 160836173X
  • Title Valor Unsung
  • Author Mark "sande" Sanderson
  • Category Memoirs
  • Format
  • Year 2010
  • Pages 248
  • Publisher
  • Imprint Publish America
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 152mm x 229mm

Publisher Description

Sanderson, born in Virginia and raised by parents who were both mentally and physically oppressive, always dreamed of becoming a police officer when he grew older. In 1986 at the age of seventeen, it was no surprise that he made an early attempt to fulfill that dream. Not old enough to join the police department, Mark volunteered as an undercover police informer. Through an over willingness to succeed mixed with alcohol, Mark would become humiliated and shunned by the same police he had held in high regard since childhood. Now disgraced, Mark fought back shame, self-doubt and discouraging voices from his past, as he set out to prove himself worthy in the eyes of all who turned their back on him. After joining a profession similar to the police, Mark would spend the next eighteen years in what the U.S. labor department calls the seventh most dangerous job in America. Eighteen years later and against all odds, now highly decorated security director, Mark Sanderson will take you through his life behind the scenes of what really goes on in today's shopping malls. Included in this compelling memoir is a rare, untold and provocative look into one of the most unrecognized professions in the United States. You will witness first-hand accounts of crime, violent riots, unbelievable sex acts and corporations that put greed before safety. This is a must read for anyone already in security, anyone considering a career in security and everyone who shops in malls today.

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Valor Unsung