I’m Glad I Found You by Marlene Monroy

I’m Glad I Found You

Marlene Monroy
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  • ISBN
    9781448955749 / 1448955742
  • Title I’m Glad I Found You
  • Author Marlene Monroy
  • Category Thriller / Suspense
  • Format
  • Year 2010
  • Pages 48
  • Publisher
    America Star Books
  • Imprint America Star Books
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 229mm x 152mm

Publisher Description

Steve Blair was wandering around the small North Dakota town. He was suffering from memory loss when he stumbled upon Penny Larkin and her little dog. Penny felt sorry for Steve and was determined to help him. Two others in trying to help the unfortunate man joined her. Steve finds sanctuary when Penny opens her home to him. Steve and Penny fall in love.Little by little Steve remembers different things and finally remembers all. Steve's older brother and ex-wife had tried to kill him. From information found out by the police and FBI, Steve's brother and ex-wife are on their way to town to finish the job of murdering him for the money they will collect on insurance policies taken out on his life where they are beneficiaries. Steve, Penny and their friends team up against the brother and ex-wife. Will good conquer evil? Will Steve and Penny win?

Author Biography

There have been many books written about cowboys, Indians, range wars. love, hate, suffering and triumph of the human spirit. How many of these have a haunted house as the core of its theme?

In “Where the River Bends” the haunted ranch house the author calls “Sanctuary” really exits out on the prairie of South Dakota. What is the crying and wailing that even today is heard and related by creditable people?

Is there a connection with the spirit world there? Are the souls of the Indians who died there after the Wounded Knee Massacre still tied to the earth in some phenomenal way?

In the

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I’m Glad I Found You