The Erie Canal by Martha E. Kendall

The Erie Canal

Martha E. Kendall
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  • ISBN
    9781426300226 / 1426300220
  • Title The Erie Canal
  • Author Martha E. Kendall
  • Category Educational: History
  • Format
  • Year 2008
  • Pages 128
  • Publisher
    National Geographic Society
  • Imprint National Geographic Children
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 189mm x 14mm x 236mm


The story of the Erie Canal, which connected Albany, New York, to Buffalo, New York, and was completed in 1825.

Publisher Description

From accomplished children's book author Martha Kendall, this is a novelesque account of the construction of the “impossible”. Erie Canal brings alive an example of American perseverance and can-do spirit.

Author Biography

Martha E. Kendall is a native of New York, who grew up around the Erie Canal. She has written several nonfiction books for children. Her most popular titles include “For the Love of Chimps: The Jane Goodall Story” and the award-winning “Failure Is Impossible: The History of American Women's Rights.” Kendall attended the Eastman School of Music where she studied the cello. She sings and plays fiddle, mandolin, guitar, penny whistle, and bass. In addition to playing classical music, she performs regularly in bluegrass and swing ensembles. She lives in Los Gatos, CA.

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The Erie Canal