Personal Networks by Martin Jacobsson

Personal Networks

Martin Jacobsson, Ignas Niemegeers and Sonia Heemstra de Groot
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Personal Networks focuses on networking and security aspects of Personal Networks (PNs). Given a single user, the authors propose an architecture for PNs in which devices are divided into one of two types of nodes: personal and foreign.

Publisher Description

Written by experts in the field, this book describes thePersonal Network architecture and its various components

This book focuses on networking and security aspects of PersonalNetworks (PNs). Given a single user, the authors propose anarchitecture for PNs in which devices are divided into one of twotypes of nodes: personal nodes and foreign nodes. Furthermore, theauthors demonstrate the ways in which PNs can be formed in aself-organized and secure way, how they can be interconnected usinginfrastructure networks, how multiple PNs can be connected, and howtheir services and resources can be shared. In addition, the bookshows how security and ease-of-use can be achieved throughautomatic configuration and how mobility can be supported throughadaptability and self-organization. The motivations for the PNconcept, the PN architecture, its functionalities and features, aswell as future challenges are covered in depth. Finally, theauthors consider the potential applications for PNs and brieflydiscuss additional support systems for PN applications. The latterincludes service discovery and context information management amongothers.

Key Features: * Describes the PN network architecture and its variouscomponents in-depth * Written by experts who developed this concept * Discusses the newer topic of federations of PNs * Considers potential PN applications, and demonstrates howapplications support systems, such as service discovery and contextmanagement, can assist the applications * Provides an insight into the challenges of future personalnetworking, architectures for PNs, potential and importantsolutions, and their implications

This book will serve as an invaluable reference for researchers,developers, and standardization experts in mobile and wirelesscommunication systems and services. It will also be of interest topostgraduate students in the field of telecommunications.

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Personal Networks