Weavings by Mary Ellen Branan


Mary Ellen Branan
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  • ISBN
    9781421891866 / 1421891867
  • Title Weavings
  • Author Mary Ellen Branan
  • Category Poetry By Individual Poets
  • Format
  • Year 2010
  • Pages 74
  • Publisher
    1st World Publishing
  • Imprint 1st World Publishing
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 229mm x 176mm


Mary Ellen Branan returns again and again to test what stands between us, never quite giving up on what might connect us. These poems are touching and well-traveled in the least facile sense of these terms. They cherish contact as well as the possibility of genuine sympathy, proving the tender spot between the self and the other, either human or animal. These poems venture out to various points in the United States and Poland, not as a tourist's appropriation of exotic places and creatures, but as the fragile words of a person in search of intimate communion, a bond made more precious by Branan's honest treatment of human failings. Weavings is a quiet, important book of poems. -Richard Lyons, author of Fleur Carnivore, 2005 Washington Prize The act of becoming takes us on many adventures- some intentional, some fateful. Poet Mary Branan's work chronicles life, death, family, and even Poland, with a warmth and sophistication that only time and artistic sensitivity can bring. Carry this along in your own journeys. -Karla K. Morton, author of Redefining Beauty; Texas Poet Laureate, 2010 Mary Ellen Branan's poems comprise a tapestry of exceptional observation and feeling. Branan crafts the warp and weft of life, colorfully detailed with a precise memory and threaded through with seasoned wisdom. -Jan Seale, author of The Wonder Is (Panther Creek Press)

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