Blocks and Beyond: Strengthening Early Math and Science Skills Through Spatial Learning by Mary Jo Pollman

Blocks and Beyond: Strengthening Early Math and Science Skills Through Spatial Learning

Mary Jo Pollman
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Teach spatial skills to young children-and improve their overall academic outcomes! This innovative teaching resource has the research-based insights and practical activities early childhood educators need to promote spatial development throughout the sch

Publisher Description

Spatial development should be part of every young child's education it's linked with higher achievement not just in math and science, but across all academic areas. Now early childhood educators have a guidebook to help them seamlessly integrate spatial learning into their everyday curriculum. Focusing on areas key to academic success-math, science, art and literature, and social studies-early childhood expert Mary Jo Pollman gives teachers research-based insights and ready-to-use activities for promoting children's spatial development throughout the school day. Developed for use with children in preschool through third grade, this innovative teacher training resource
  • Aligns with key focal points specified by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the National Math Panel Report, and the National Science Education Standards
  • Helps children progress in specific areas where U.S. students are falling behind particularly geometry and geography
  • Improves teacher quality helps them plan a successful, well-rounded curriculum with creative, age-appropriate activities
  • Strengthens the home-school learning connection with suggestions for games that parents and children can do together
  • Uses easy-to-find materials shows how to improve spatial skills with everyday items like blocks, play dough, puzzles, globes, and objects found in nature
  • Is fully supported by the latest research and highly respected educational theories, clearly explained throughout the book so teachers know the why behind the how
  • Provides a foundation for later success in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields
A great inservice professional development resource and an essential text for preservice teachers, this book is key to creating a curriculum that actively promotes spatial development and sets the stage for strong math, science, and other academic skills. See which domain of school readiness in the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Outcomes Framework this book addresses. "

“A distinctive feature of the book is the descriptive vignettes, which enliven important aspects of spatial development . . . strengths of the book include the ease with which it can be read, the usefulness of the cross-curricular activities, the depth of the current research used to support the need for the development of spatial literacy skills in young children, and the practicality of the contents. I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in giving young children experiences necessary and beneficial for developing spatial literacy.”

Author Biography

Mary Jo Pollman, Ph.D., is Professor of Early Childhood Education, Metropolitan State College of Denver.

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Blocks and Beyond: Strengthening Early Math and Science Skills Through Spatial Learning