Gone to Earth by Mary Webb

Gone to Earth

Mary Webb
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  • ISBN
    9781162664668 / 1162664665
  • Title Gone to Earth
  • Author Mary Webb
  • Category British & Irish History
  • Format
  • Pages 278
  • Publisher
    Kessinger Publishing
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 235mm x 15mm x 191mm


Afterwards he walked part way home with Hazel, and coming back under the driving sky—that seemed to move all in a piece like a sliding window, and showed the moon as a slim lady waiting for unlooked-for happenings—he could have wept at the crude sweetness of Hazel. She was of so ruthless an honesty towards herself as well as others; she had such strange lights and shadows in her eyes, her voice, her soul; she was so full of faults, and so brimming with fascination.

Author Biography

Mary Webb is a professional needlecraft and textiles designer. She studied embroidery, knitting and textile design at a London college, where she now teaches. Her designs have been published in a number of magazines in the UK, and she has written widely on a range of knitting and needlecraft topics.

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Gone to Earth