Cryptex by Matt Hancock


Matt Hancock
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  • ISBN
    9781615071944 / 1615071946
  • Title Cryptex
  • Author Matt Hancock
  • Category Religious & Spiritual Fiction
  • Format
  • Year 2010
  • Pages 184
  • Publisher
    Crossbooks Publishing
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 152mm x 229mm

Publisher Description

Months after the tragic loss of his wife, Jacob Stone is searching for meaning in the depths of his loneliness. Unexpectedly, a search of a different kind finds him as Jacob attempts to unravel a mystery-the mystery of the Knights Templar. His search reveals his own family connection to the long-forgotten legacy of the Templars, and with the help of his brother and his children, Jacob sets out to recover mankind's greatest treasure.

As the Stone family travels from the swamps of Louisiana to the mountains of France in Cryptex: Temple of the Demon, they must unravel riddles and decipher codes to continue on their hunt for the lost Templar temple. But something is also hunting them-an evil force, hell bent on erasing the Templar legacy, and-even worse-the existence of Jesus Christ.

Jacob's faith is put to the test as he struggles to fight the evil threatening to destroy all hope and love. As a family, the Stones must move beyond a painful past and band together to find the treasure that is rightfully theirs. There's just one problem-legend says the temple is guarded by a monster. Some say it's a demon. Others say it's something else-something worse. Will the forces of darkness triumph or will faith and love conquer all?

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