Was That Me? by Michael Bivona

Was That Me?

Michael Bivona
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  • ISBN
    9781426937569 / 1426937563
  • Title Was That Me?
  • Author Michael Bivona
  • Category Biography: General
  • Format
  • Year 2010
  • Pages 192
  • Publisher
    Trafford Publishing
  • Imprint Trafford Publishing
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 229mm x 152mm


In his memoir Was That Me?, a successful businessman, author, and philanthropist provides an inspirational look into the reasons why he chose the road he did in life. After being repeatedly asked the question, "How did you go from not attending high school to becoming the man you are today?“ Bivona's answer was always the same: ”lots of luck and fate." But soon, that answer did not seem to be enough; and, as Bivona delved into past experiences in order to discover what truly caused him to reach his current destination, he began to identify the influences that propelled him from a childhood in a rundown neighborhood to a stint in the National Guard to his first job as a runner for a Wall Street stockbrokerage firm. As Bivona relays how he eventually attended Long Island University and became a certified public accountant, it is evident that self-determination and a thirst for knowledge guided him to attain success. The true story of how Michael Bivona's choices in life helped him become who he is today will inspire anyone to examine their own turning points and learn that sometimes opening the door to the unknown is what leads to true happiness.

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Was That Me?