Dead Space 2 by Michael Knight

Dead Space 2

Michael Knight
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  • A “making of” chapter detailing the creation of Isaac's Live Action Suit, including interview with the suit's creators
  • Concept art section
  • Interview with Ian Milham - Art Director for the “Dead Space” series
  • Exclusive “Art of Christopher Shy” section, artist of the “Dead Space” graphic novels
  • 8x10 letter from the Church of Unitology
  • Maps for every level, including multiplayer, created exclusively for this guide
  • Locations for Power Nodes, Schematics, and other items
  • Expert strategt on dismembering all Necromorphs
  • Walkthrough for the Playstation 3 and Wii exclusive “Dead Space: Extraction”
  • Preview “Dead Space Martyr, Dead Space Aftermath, ”and “Dead Space Salvage”
  • Tips and tricks for Dead Space: Ignition
  • Find the Peng

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Dead Space 2