Animal Eyes by Michael Land

Animal Eyes

Michael Land
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  • ISBN
    9780199581146 / 0199581142
  • Title Animal Eyes
  • Author Michael Land
  • Category Neurosciences
    Animal Physiology
  • Year 2012
  • Pages 271
  • Publisher
    Oxford University Press, USA
  • Imprint Oxford University Press
  • Edition
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 157mm x 234mm x 22mm


This book covers the way that all known types of eyes work, from their optics to the behaviour they guide. The ways that eyes sample the world in space and time are considered, and the evolutionary origins of eyes are discussed. This new edition incorporates discoveries made since the first edition published in 2001.

Publisher Description

Animal Eyes provides a comparative account of all known types of eye in the animal kingdom, outlining their structure and function with an emphasis on the nature of the optical systems and the physical principles involved in image formation. A universal theme throughout the book is the evolution and taxonomic distribution of each type of eye, and the roles of different eye types in the behaviour and ecology of the animals that possess them. In comparing the specific capabilities of eyes, it considers the factors that lead to good resolution of detail and the ability to function under a wide range of light conditions. This new edition is fully updated throughout, incorporating more than a decade of new discoveries and research.

fascinating and useful. Pat Morris, Zoological Journal

Author Biography

Michael F. Land obtained a BA in Zoology from Cambridge his PhD in Neurophysiology from University College London. He was Research Fellow at University of California, Berkeley (1967-1971), before moving to the University of Sussex where he was a Lecturer and then Professor of Neurobiology (from 1984 to present (now Emeritus)). He also held Visiting Fellowships in Eugene Oregon (1980), Australian Nation University Canberra (1982-84), and Duke University Marine
Laboratory in Beaufort, NC (1993). He was elected to the Royal Society of London in 1982.
Dan-Eric Nilsson obtained his BSc in Biological Sciences from Goteborg University and his PhD in Structural Biology from University of Lund. He was Research Fellow at the Australian National University Canberra (1983-4) and then the University of Lund (1984-1989). He stayed at Lund as a Lecturer (1989-1995) then Professor of Zoology (from 1995). He was elected to the Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm in 2002, and to the German Academy of Natural Sciences, Leopoldina in 2005.

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Animal Eyes