The Roman Army from Hadrian to Constantine by Michael Simkins

The Roman Army from Hadrian to Constantine

Michael Simkins
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  • ISBN
    9780850453331 / 085045333X
  • Title The Roman Army from Hadrian to Constantine
  • Author Michael Simkins
  • Category Educational: History
  • Format
  • Year 1979
  • Pages 48
  • Publisher
    Osprey Publishing (UK)
  • Imprint Osprey Publishing
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 184mm x 4mm x 248mm


An unrivaled source of information on the uniforms, insignia and appearance of the world's fighting men of past and present. The Men-at-Arms titles cover subjects as diverse as the Imperial Roman army, the Napoleonic wars and German airborne troops in a popular 48-page format including some 40 photographs, and eight full-colour plates.

Publisher Description

The year of 122 was the first time a Roman Emperor had set foot in the Province of Britannia since the invasion in AD 43. No doubt he had read many reports concerning the damage caused by marauding tribesmen crossing from what is now Scotland into the Province. Hadrian, therefore, decided - in the words of his biographer - 'to build a wall to separate the Romans from the Barbarians'. This engaging work from author Michael Simkins explores in depth the organisation, equipment, weapons and armour of the Roman Army from Hadrian to Constantine, one of the most exciting periods in Roman history.

Author Biography

Michael Simkins is a respected author in the field of Ancient History, and he has written several titles for Osprey. He has a particular interest in, and knowledge of, the Roman Army in Britain, and is a keen re-enactor of this period. His interest extends to having personally recreated many of the weapon and armour pieces that the Roman leggionaire would have worn and used at this time.

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The Roman Army from Hadrian to Constantine