Madame Tussaud by Michelle Moran

Madame Tussaud

Michelle Moran
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  • ISBN
    9781849161381 / 1849161380
  • Title Madame Tussaud
  • Author Michelle Moran
  • Category Historical Fiction
  • Format
  • Year 2011
  • Pages 432
  • Publisher
    Quercus Publishing
  • Imprint Quercus Publishing
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 131mm x 196mm x 43mm


A young Madame Tussaud experiences the French Revolution at first hand when she goes to Versailles to teach Marie Antoinette to make waxwork masks, and uses her skills to survive.

Publisher Description

When Marie moves from her family's waxwork museum into the palace of Versailles, her whole life is set to change...When Marie Tussaud learns the exciting news the royal family will be visiting her famed wax museum, the Salon de Cire, she never dreams that the king's sister will request her presence at Versailles: as a royal tutor in wax sculpting. As Marie familiarizes herself with Princess Elisabeth and begins to know Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI, she witnesses the glamorous life of court, a very different world from her home on the Boulevard du Temple of Paris where bread can only be had on the black market and men sell their teeth to put food on the their tables. The year is 1788 and men like Desmoulins, Marat, and Robespierre are meeting in the salons of Paris speaking against the monarchy; there's whispered talk of revolution. Spanning five years from budding revolution to the Reign of Terror, Madame Tussaud brings us into the world of an incredible heroine whose talent for wax moulding saved her life and preserved the faces of a vanished kingdom.

'A first-class novel, brilliantly written' Alison Weir. Alison Weir 'Hugely enjoyable' Daily Express. Daily Express 'A rich and colourful saga set against a stormy background of political turmoil, war and exile' Good Book Guide. Good Book Guide

Author Biography

Michelle Moran's experiences at archaeological sites around the world first inspired her to write historical fiction. She is the author of Nefertiti, Cleopatra's Daughter, The Heretic Queen, Madame Tussaud and The Second Empress. She lives in California. Visit her at

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Madame Tussaud