Reading Rembrandt: Beyond the Word-Image Opposition by Mieke Bal

Reading Rembrandt: Beyond the Word-Image Opposition

Mieke Bal
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  • ISBN
    9789053568583 / 9053568581
  • Title Reading Rembrandt: Beyond the Word-Image Opposition
  • Author Mieke Bal
  • Category Theory Of Art
    Literary Theory
  • Format
  • Year 2006
  • Pages 494
  • Publisher
    Amsterdam University Press
  • Imprint Amsterdam University Press
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 161mm x 38mm x 236mm


“Reading Rembrandt” questions the traditional boundaries between literary and visual analysis with close, side-by-side readings of some of the Dutch master's works alongside paintings of the same era whose attribution is still debated. A new understanding of the role of visuality in our culture emerges, one that makes significant inroads, most particularly, for the study of gender in Rembrandt's work. Demonstrating acute sensitivity to Rembrandt's art, acclaimed scholar and author Mieke Bal gives new depth to an old master, a perspective with vast consequences for our views of gender, the artist, and the act of reading.

Publisher Description

This seminal title explores the potential[-]for an interdisciplinary methodology[-]between visual art and literature.[-]In a series of close analyses of works by[-]-Rembrandt works as we see them[-]today, through all the ways of seeing[-]and commenting that precede [-]and texts related to those works, Bal[-]questions the traditional boundaries[-]between literary and visual analysis.[-]She also studies Rembrandt's complex[-]handling of gender and the representation[-]of women in Rembrandt's painting.

'Reading Bal reading -Rembrandt is like watching a fireworks display.' Michael Ann Holly, Semiotica

Author Biography

Mieke Bal is a Professor at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences and is based at the University of Amsterdam.

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Reading Rembrandt: Beyond the Word-Image Opposition