Zimmerman Cypher by N.D. Scott

Zimmerman Cypher

N.D. Scott
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The night of September 23, 1993, in Newcastle, England, is meant to be a night of celebration. Danny Chang has planned a surprise retirement party for his good friend Lieutenant Colonel Simon Broeck, who is ending his career as a decorated army officer-but a group of thugs has a different plan. Without warning, a van careens through the front of the restaurant; a violent confrontation occurs, with one man left dead and many others wounded. For the partygoers, it's a meal they won't soon forget. For Markov Ransky, leader of the Albanian gang, it's just the beginning of a reign of terror and violence, as his men commit acts of sexual torture, kidnapping, and murder. Detective Police Inspector Smokey Rover and his team launch a desperate hunt to catch these men who are wreaking havoc throughout the country. But Rover is not the only one interested in bringing the ruthless gang to justice.

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Zimmerman Cypher