United Nations by Nicholas Hammer

United Nations

Nicholas Hammer
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Earth. The blue jewel in a sea of space and darkness. This is our home. With its ever-changing landscapes, its riches and wealth and the diversity of people, plants and animals that inhabit this wonderful globe, there is change on the horizon. The changes that are taking place are giving way to a plethora of advancements in all areas of technology. New hopes for this planet, and its people, have given rise to new ideals, thoughts and initiatives. With war becoming more and more commonplace within out communities, it is now time for us to seek out a new means by which we aid each other as a whole. War is nothing but aggression, and aggression does nothing but undermine the international determination to seek out peacefulness and serenity. Globalization must begin to lay its cornerstones now so that our future generations will have a more solid base from which to establish a more peaceful and interdependent global community. In this book, I hope to put forth my ideas and thoughts in order to possibly aid those in forming and sculpting those cornerstones of the future.

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United Nations