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Nuruddin Farah
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Jeebleh is returning to Mogadishu from New York for the first time in 20 years. It is not a nostalgia trip for him—Jeebleh's last residence here was a jail cell. Gripping, provocative, and revelatory, “Links” is the finest work yet from Farah.

Publisher Description

Gripping, provocative, and revelatory, Links is a novel that will stand as a classic of modern world literature. Jeebleh is returning to Mogadiscio, Somalia, for the first time in twenty years. But this is not a nostalgia trip—his last residence there was a jail cell. And who could feel nostalgic for a city like this? U.S. troops have come and gone, and the decimated city is ruled by clan warlords and patrolled by qaat-chewing gangs who shoot civilians to relieve their adolescent boredom. Diverted in his pilgrimage to visit his mother's grave, Jeebleh is asked to investigate the abduction of the young daughter of one of his closest friend's family. But he learns quickly that any act in this city, particularly an act of justice, is much more complicated than he might have imagined.

Author Biography

Nuruddin Farah is the author of nine novels, which have been translated into seventeen languages and have won numerous awards. Farah was named the 1998 laureate of the Neustadt International Prize for Literature.

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