The Story of an African Farm by Olive Schreiner

The Story of an African Farm

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Lyndall, Schreiner's articulate young feminist, marks the entry of the controversial New Woman into nineteenth-century fiction. Raised as an orphan amid a makeshift family, she witnesses an intolerable world of colonial exploitation. Her only friends are Em and Waldo, children with destinies and longings very different from her own.

Publisher Description

A searing indictment of the rigid Boer social conventions of the 19th century, the first great South African novel chronicles the adventures of 3 childhood friends who defy societal repression. The novel's unorthodox views on religion and marriage aroused widespread controversy upon its 1883 publication.

Author Biography

Olive Schreiner was born in 1855 in Eastern Cape, South Africa. She had a long and productive career as an author and activist, both in South Africa and in England and Europe. She died in 1920.

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The Story of an African Farm