Ethan Site 39 by Otis V. Goodwin

Ethan Site 39

Otis V. Goodwin
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While exploring a mesa near his farm, Ethan MX163, a young geologist and farmer, finds a tiny artifact from Old Earth civilization. The artifact is the first tangible evidence of civilization found since a small colony of Alpha Centaurian humans landed on Earth three generations ago, 5,000 years after near-complete devastation of the planet by impact of a giant asteroid-like object. Ethan traces the artifact and uncovers mysteries about the fate of Old Earth civilization. Solution of the mysteries involves Ethan, his fiancee, Laine, and two close friends, Si and Xana, in exciting exploration and discoveries that change all of their lives. Discovery of Site 39 and exploration of its suprising ancient, complex and historical contents lead Ethan, Laine and their friends through a maze of surprises, mystery and challenges, with promises of greater adventures and challenges to come.

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Ethan Site 39