Helicobacter Pylori in the 21st Century by P. Sutton

Helicobacter Pylori in the 21st Century

P. Sutton
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“Helicobacter pylori” is a globally significant pathogen that infects half of the population of the world. Its recognition enabled the development of new therapeutic and preventative strategies for serious health conditions such as gastric cancer, of which it is the major causative agent. Providing a broad overview of the current understanding of this pathogen and emphasizing its world health impacts, this book explores a range of topics including virulence factors, vaccine development and obstacles, epidemiology, antibiotic resistance and the role of Nod receptors, with a foreword by Barry Marshall, the Nobel Laureate and co-discoverer of “H. pylori.” It is an essential resource for researchers, students and medics in infectious and Helicobacter-associated diseases.

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health impacts and future vaccine developments.

“The microbiology or cell biology student will find a first-rate evaluation of the data relevant to their field.”

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Helicobacter Pylori in the 21st Century