Charley’s War 1 August 1916-17 October 1916 by Pat Mills

Charley’s War 1 August 1916-17 October 1916

Pat Mills
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  • ISBN
    9781840239294 / 1840239298
  • Title Charley’s War 1 August 1916-17 October 1916
  • Author Pat Mills
  • Category First World War Fiction
    Graphic Novels
  • Format
  • Year 2006
  • Pages 112
  • Publisher
    Titan Books (UK)
  • Imprint Titan Books Ltd
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 229mm x 15mm x 301mm


From renowned comics writer Pat Mills and legendary artist Joe Colquhoun comes a truly classic piece of graphic storytelling: thrilling, horrifying and deeply moving. In 1916, Charley Bourne lies about his age to fight in France. But thoughts of glory and patriotism are swept aside by the horror of life and death in the trenches of the First World War. In this second volume, we follow the continuing trials of Charley during the bloody and disastrous Battle of the Somme. Charley's War also features an appreciation by comics writer Garth Ennis (War Stories), a director's commentary' by Pat Mills, and a fascinating article on the cultural history of World War One.

Publisher Description

Renowned UK comics writer Pat Mills (Marshal Law, Slaine) and legendary artist Joe Colquhoun (Johnny Red) continue the thrilling, humorous and horrifying story of World War One soldier Charley Bourne. It is now the late summer of 1916. Though Charley has survived the early days of the Somme, with treachery on both sides of the wire and a dangerous new commanding officer, triumph and tragedy lie in store as he desperately tries to survive...Rich in the detailed minutiae of the terror-punctuated existence of a 'Tommy', this second volume of Charley's War features a brand new introduction and 'director's commentary' by Pat Mills, plus exclusive extra content.

Word Magazine December 2005: “The never-bettered WW1 trench warfare comic strip Charley's War is now in its second volume of reprints and is unmissable.”

Author Biography

Pat Mills has written countless comics stories, including 2000 AD's Judge Dredd, Slaine and A.B.C. Warriors, as well as earlier classics like Charley's War. He also created Marshal Law. Joe Colquhoun worked on a large volume of titles in his 30 year career in the UK comics industry, including Lion, Champion, Buster and Battle. He is probably best remembered for his work on Battle, including Johnny Red and Charley's War.

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Charley’s War 1 August 1916-17 October 1916