Kettlebell Conditioning by Paul Collins

Kettlebell Conditioning

Paul Collins
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  • ISBN
    9781841263168 / 1841263168
  • Title Kettlebell Conditioning
  • Author Paul Collins
  • Category Bodybuilding
  • Format
  • Year 2011
  • Pages 200
  • Publisher
    Meyer & Meyer Sport (uk) Ltd
  • Imprint Meyer & Meyer Sport (UK) Ltd
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 239mm x 164mm


Conditioning helps to steer you through essential foundational exercises, key movement and swing patterns prior to undertaking more complex power drills using both single and double kettlebells.

Publisher Description

Every good exercise program starts with a method by which training principles are based upon. In Kettlebell Conditioning, Coach Collins has developed the 4-Stage BodyBell® Training SystemA' that allows you to learn the basic strength and swing pattern drills before more complex power orientated movement patterns. The unique shape of the kettlebell challenges the whole body as the hand, arm, shoulder and core region controls the displacement of weight and counteraction of muscles with each movement.

Author Biography

Paul Collins, Australia's Personal Trainer, is founder of the Body Coach® fitness products, books, DVDs and educational coaching systems - helping people to get fit, lose weight, look good and feel great. Coaching since many years, Paul has personally trained world-class athletes and teams in a variety of sports from Track and Field, Squash, Rugby, Golf, Soccer and Tennis to members of the Australian Karate Team and world-renowned Australian Olympic and Paralympic Swimming teams in core-strength. He is also a Certified Trainer and Assessor, Strength and Conditioning Coach with the Australian Sports Commission and Certified Personal Trainer with Fitness Australia and Olympic Weight Lifting Club Power Coach with the Australian Weightlifting Federation.

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Kettlebell Conditioning