Rock Climbing by Paul Mason

Rock Climbing

Paul Mason
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Do you want to become a great rock climber? If you could travel the whole world to learn more about surfing, where would be the best places to visit? This book combines two fantastic and fascinating topics: factual and practical tips on surfing, as well as an insight into the exotic places which are best for doing them!

Publisher Description

Each World Sport book reveals an ideal location for learning a particular technique essential for mastering the sport, from trimming a surfboard along a wave in Windansea, California, to sailing the Whitsundays, Australia. Opening with perfect beginner locations and techniques, the complexity develops, leading readers through to expert-only locations and techniques, building an understanding of technique and equipment as they go.

Author Biography

Paul Mason is an experienced freelance writer and editor of a variety of children's information books, with subjects including extreme sports, geography and travel. Paul is a keen sportsman and particularly enjoys surfing, mountain biking and snowboarding.

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Rock Climbing