Ann’s Letters: Exmoor, Vichy and the SS Major by Paul Nutley

Ann’s Letters: Exmoor, Vichy and the SS Major

Paul Nutley
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This is a classic thriller set in North Devon and begins with a chance encounter. This leads to the discovery of some letters and postcards written by a young woman who is close to Hitler, and sometimes written while taking tea with him at his favourite Berlin caf. These letters shed light on a series of events which begin before the second world war and conclude violently in recent troubled times. As well as involving global events and personalities however, it is primarily located around North Devon and Exmoor, and in large part with the characters associated with Brendon in the Lyn Valley. Writing with pace, energy and drive the author, a celebrated intelligence specialist, has written a classic thriller where much of the content, including the letters and many of the personalities, really exist. It is this interplay between fiction and fact which makes the story so compelling and unforgettable.

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Ann’s Letters: Exmoor, Vichy and the SS Major