Equity Equation C by Paula Rayman

Equity Equation C

Paula Rayman, Cinda-Sue Davis, Angela Ginorio, Carol Hollenshead and Barbara Lazarus
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The Equity Equation presents to findings and recommAndations of the foremost experts on research and practice concerning women in science, engineering, and mathematics. It addresses issues facing women in the scientific disciplines, including: *involvement in education and careers as it relates to diversity, along lies of race, class, sexual orientation, physical and learning disability, and age *institutional attitudes, interactions, and structure *barriers to success at the career stage *effectiveness of current intervention and curriculum strategies *the relationship between public policies and institutional change.

Publisher Description

"The Equity Equation deals candidly, thoroughly, and objectively with issues for women in science, engineering, and mathematics?This much-needed study not only investigates the institutional causes of gAnder inequity, but lays out the research, policy, and programs needed to change the status quo."
— James Duderstadt, president, University of Michigan and former member, National Science Board

"The Equity Equation is indeed a 'sourcebook for change' as theauthors describe it. the book is chock full of essential data andclear thinking about pervasive, complex biases that continue tostymie women's and girl's opportunities in science, math, andengineering—in school, on the job. What does an economic futurefor this country look like with less than half of its scientificinnovators? Read this book if you're a researcher, educator, policymaker, or anyone else concerned about equity and a viable futurefor science and technology in the next century." —Mary EllemCapek, executive director, National Council for Research onWomen“A comprehensive and thorough review of the studies on women in thesciences, mathematics, and engineering of the past couple ofdecades. From grade school to the corporate world, fromsocioeconomic status to sexual orientation, what has been studiedis here. The thoughtful analysis which concludes the book will bethe guide to studies and actions for the next decade. It is a mustread for anyone in this field.” —Laurel L. Wilkening, chancellor, University of California, Irvine"The Equity Equation deals candidly, thoroughly, and objectivelywith issues for women in science, engineering, and mathematics—issues about which I became increasingly concerned during my tenureon the National Science Board. This much-needed study not onlyinvestigates the institutional causes of gAnder inequity, but laysout the research, policy, and programs needed to change the statusquo." —James Duderstadt, president, University of Michigan andformer member, National Science Board

Author Biography

CINDA—SUE DAVIS directs the University of Michigan Women in Science and Engineering Program ANGELA B. GINORIO is the director of the Northwest Center for research on Women at the University of Washington. CAROL S. HOLLENSHEAD is director of the University of Michigan Center for the Education of Women and University of Michigan Chair of the President's Advisory Commission on Women's Issues. BARBARA B. LAZARUS has teaching appointments in the History Department and the Heinz School of Urban and Public Affairs at Carnegie—Mellon University. PAULA M. RAYMAN is director of the Public Policy Institute at Radcliffe College.

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Equity Equation C