Shostakovich Studies 2 by Pauline Fairclough

Shostakovich Studies 2

Pauline Fairclough
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A collection of authoritative and up-to-date scholarship on one of the twentieth century's most important and enigmatic composers.

Publisher Description

really happened behind the scenes of the Composers Union.

“As Fairclough notes in her introduction, the essays in this collection reflect a growing sophistication among Shostakovich scholars, and a notable shift in tone from the notorious 'Shosta kovich wars' of the 1990s” -Judith Kuhn,University of Wisconsin

Author Biography

Pauline Fairclough is Senior Lecturer in Music at the University of Bristol, and a specialist in Russian and Soviet music. She is editor, with David Fanning, of The Cambridge Companion to Shostakovich and author of A Soviet Credo: Shostakovich's Fourth Symphony. Together with Olga Digonskaya, Pauline chairs the International Musicological Society's study group 'Shostakovich and his Environment'.

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Shostakovich Studies 2