Zombie-Loan, Volume 11 by Peachpit Press

Zombie-Loan, Volume 11

Peachpit Press and Momo
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  • ISBN
    9780316177979 / 0316177970
  • Title Zombie-Loan, Volume 11
  • Author Peachpit Press and Momo
  • Category Graphic Novels
  • Format
  • Year 2011
  • Pages 174
  • Publisher
    Yen Press
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 129mm x 14mm x 192mm


Lao Ye's centuries-old quest for immortality has nearly reached it's end. For years he has been grooming Shito to become his eternal body, and with Koyomi's Dead Man's Tongue in his possession, the ailing head of the Xu Fu has completed the first stage of his plan, successfully transferring his consciousness into Shito's body. But the transfer is not complete, which means that Shito's mind is still intact alongside Lao Ye's. If Mikuru and Chika don't find a way to awaken Shito's consciousness, their friend could be lost forever when Lao Ye finishes the spell and takes Shito's body for good.

Author Biography

Peach-Pit is a female Mangaka duo known for its illustrations of pretty girls. They derive their name from the Beverly Hills 90210 hangout - the Peach-Pit. Two of their Manga series have been turned into Anime series in Japan.

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Zombie-Loan, Volume 11