Saddled Up by Penny Birch

Saddled Up

Penny Birch
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  • ISBN
    9781907761843 / 1907761845
  • Title Saddled Up
  • Author Penny Birch
  • Category Erotic Fiction
  • Format
  • Year 2011
  • Pages 208
  • Publisher
    Accent Press Ltd
  • Imprint Xcite Books, an imprint of Accent Press Ltd
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 197mm x 129mm


Amber Oakley is back in another bottom-tingling adventure!

Publisher Description

Amber Oakley is back! Determined as ever to avoid getting her bottom smacked but her own deep needs and the awkward circumstances she finds herself in trying to solve her financial difficulties mean otherwise. Offering riding tuition to girls from wealthy families seems like a good idea, but Portia and Ophelia Crowthorne-Jones prove to have a few ideas of their own, and are soon indulging both their lesbian desires and their cruel sense of humour at Amber's expense. Will she end up as their plaything, or can she turn the tables and teach the little brats the lesson they so clearly deserve?

For fans of spanking and women's erotica, this book should be a must buy... All in all, SADDLED UP is an explicitly, fetish-filled romp of a book. Well worth a look! The Romance Reviews Another winner ... first rate JADE Magazine

Author Biography

Penny Birch has been writing some of the most popular and imaginative erotic fiction for years. She was a longstanding favourite at Nexus and has published 100 books under a dozen names in her career, with sales in excess of 600K. Penny is an expert on wine and Victoriana and lives in London.

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Saddled Up