Jesus Diet by Philip Maynard

Jesus Diet

Philip Maynard and Agnes Maynard
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Publisher Description

The Jesus Diet is not a diet in the usual sense. It is a way for committed Christians to draw upon their love of Jesus for additional resolve to stick with whatever weight-loss plan they have chosen. In addition to your personal reasons for wanting to lose weight, you add a powerful otherworldly motivation: the opportunity to express your love for Jesus Christ whenever you are tempted to break the rules of your diet. Even if you aren't already following a diet, this book can help with an eating plan called the Lifelong Way. The Lifelong Way isn't a diet so much as a way of life. It is designed so that once you've reached your weight-loss goal, you'll never have to diet again. Whenever you need additional strength and resolve, you'll be able to turn to The Jesus Diet technique, calling on your love for him to help you stay on the path toward a healthy weight. Recipes for satisfying dishes, strategies for dining out, and tips for maintaining your resolve with God's help are all included. Once you begin to follow The Jesus Diet, you'll be surprised at the strength you have to pass up those fries or that piece of candy, whereas in the past you almost certainly would have given in. Whether you're happy with the weight-loss plan you're already on or choose the Lifelong Way, you'll add a potent tool that helps you not only stay on your plan, but grow in your relationship with God.

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Maynard is a lawyer who writes on estate planning matters.

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Jesus Diet