Pigeon Portuguese

Pigeon Portuguese

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  • ISBN
    9780953436064 / 0953436063
  • Title Pigeon Portuguese
  • Author
  • Category Language Self-study Texts

  • Format
  • Year 2001
  • Pages 10
  • Publisher
    Pigeon Publications Ltd
  • Dimensions 162mm x 116mm x 202mm

Publisher Description

More discreet than phrase books, these postcard-sized translation cards are lightweight and easy to use. Containing words and phrases a casual tourist might need, these cards are ideal for navigating menus, ordering drinks, and exploring shops. Instead of looking up each individual word in an index, these cards provide complete phrases that can be strung together to handle a variety of situations. Rather than mastering a foreign tongue, these cards offer an easy way to give a friendly chirp with minimum effort.

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Pigeon Portuguese