W. B. Yeats: A Life II by R.F. Foster

W. B. Yeats: A Life II

R.F. Foster
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A biography of W B Yeats, it covers the second half of Yeats' life, taking in his controversial political involvements, continued supernatural experiments, his extraordinary marriage, a series of love affairs, and the writing of his greatest poetry. It also weaves together his life and work.

Publisher Description

The acclaimed first volume of this definitive biography of W. B. Yeats left him in his fiftieth year, at a crossroads in his life. The subsequent quarter-century surveyed in The Arch-Poet takes in his rediscovery of advanced nationalism and his struggle for an independent Irish culture, his continued pursuit of supernatural truths through occult experimentation, his extraordinary marriage, and a series of tumultuous love affairs. Throughout he was writing his greatest poems: 'The Fisherman' and 'The Wild Swans at Coole' in their stark simplicity; the magnificently complex sequences on the Troubles and Civil War; the Byzantium poems; and the radically compressed last work - some of it literally written on his deathbed. The drama of his life is mapped against the history of the Irish revolution and the new Irish state founded in 1922. Yeats's many political roles and his controversial involvement in a right-wing movement during the early 1930s are covered more closely than ever before, and his complex and passionate relationship with the developing history of his country remains a central theme.
Throughout this book, the genesis, alteration, and presentation of his work (memoirs and polemic as well as poetry) is explored through his private and public life. The enormous and varied circle of Yeats's friends, lovers, family, collaborators, and antagonists inhabit and enrich a personal world of astounding energy, artistic commitment, and verve. Yeats constantly re-created himself and his work, believing that art was 'not the chief end of life but an accident in one's search for reality': a search which brought him again and again back to his governing preoccupations: sex and death. He also held that 'all knowledge is biography', a belief reflected in this study of one of the greatest lives of modern times.

Foster, a historian with a great literary sensibility, masterfully tells the story of W.B. Yeats, and the whole landscape of the poet emerges afresh. Ken'ichi Matsumura, Journal of Irish Studies Magnificent biography. The Arch-Poet completes a brilliant work of historical and literary investigation. It is incisive wothout being judgmental, cautionary without being caustic and, above all, a compelling read. Observer

Author Biography

Roy Foster is Carroll Professor of Irish History at the University of Oxford, and a fellow of Hertford College. He has written widely on Irish history, society, and politics in the modern period, as well as on Victorian high politics and culture, and his publications include Lord Randolph Churchill: A Political Life (Oxford, 1981), Modern Ireland 1600-1972 (London, 1988), and The Irish Story: Telling Tales and Making it up in Ireland
(London, 2001). The first volume of this biography, W.B. Yeats, A Life. I: The Apprentice Mage 1865-1914 was published by OUP in 1997.

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W. B. Yeats: A Life II